by Laika's Orbit

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released January 13, 2015

Nick Murray - Guitar
Kenzie Firth - Bass
Dan Madden - Drums
Shane Dupuy - Guitar/Vocals

Recorded and mixed in December 2014 by Kevin Gebo at Disappearing Mountain, Easthampton, MA

Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago

Available now as a one-sided 12" via Stupid Bag Records.
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Laika's Orbit


A New England rock 'n' roll band.

LP out on Total Negativity. Another in the works.

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Track Name: Just Perfect
I like to tell lies
you like to hear them
we could become what we despise
and waste away together

we're perfect for each other

I always gotta have control
you're proud of the chip on your shoulder
we could both thrive out in the cold
and live like we're 25 years older

I'm best at my worst
you're married to disaster
our union would be surely cursed
I couldn't fall in love any faster
Track Name: Circumstance
my hand is itching for the telephone
I'm tired of sitting up all alone
but if I gave you a ring would you even pick up?
and it's an all night drive to your door
if I got there would you even know what for?
this uncertainty will be the death of me

you're all the way over there
and I'm still stuck over here
circumstance just won't give us a chance
to fall in love tonight

if I wrote you a letter
I doubt it would make me feel any better
I gotta have you, I wanna hold you tonight
I run the situation through in my head
you always end up with someone else instead
maybe I should just fuck off and leave you alone
Track Name: Probably Might
You're telling me you have feelings
you wanna see if I'll bite
you wanna know if I share them
I probably might

but I don't wanna rush this
I'm a little scared right now
I don't want to lose you somehow

I'm lost at sea
I don't know what it's like to be me

I left you waiting on the other line
I just need a bit more time
I'm still arguing with my mind
thank you for being so kind
Track Name: Let Me Off
I still pretend that I'm strong
but you know the truth
I can't defend myself from you
why don't you let me off your hook?

Don't wanna know what you're gonna do
Don't wanna know what you're up to
I don't wanna think about you
why don't you let me off?

Your memory is poison to me
your name is a curse
every time I think I'm getting better baby
I only get worse
Track Name: Dead at 22
Waiting around for the future
to fall into your lap
maybe tomorrow it will come
I wish you'd be wary of the trap
you're setting for yourself
you're gonna become...

dead at 22
you don't know what you're gonna do

no one's got shit to give to you
you ain't got nothing to say to them
paralyzed by keeping up appearances
you gotta pretend you ain't...

dead at 22
you don't know what you're gonna do

I wish I could help you
but I won't